International Statistical Ecology Conference

June 22-26, 2020      Sydney, Australia

The International Statistical Ecology Conference is a biennial meeting of researchers at the interface between ecology and statistics.
At ISEC2020 we have planned an exciting list of keynote speakers that bridge these two disciplines, as well as training opportunities for attendees, a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration, and a healthy dose of fun. 

How to write a research paper about environmental problems

If you would like to participate in our ecology international conference, we encourage you to write a paper on the respective topic or send us your existing research paper. For your information, below we provide a list of the most effective writing tips so that you could prepare your environmental problems essay or adjust it to our requirements. Feel free to contact us if you need more details on paper guidelines. 

Decide on a topic that excites you

First of all, we advise you to think about the environment essay topics that interest you the most. Choosing an issue that worries you is crucial for conducting quality research, so do not settle for the first topic that comes to your mind. Ask yourself: “Do I really want to write about it? What do I have to say on this issue? Will I have enough pieces of evidence to support my position on this topic?”, etc. Once you answer these questions, you will understand what topic suits best for you. Meanwhile, we offer you a few topic groups to choose from: 

  • global warming;

  • water pollution;

  • biodiversity;

  • global fires;

  • fossil fuels acquirement;

  • forest disappearing. 

Yet if you find choosing the topic hard, you can always make use of an essay writing service and check paper topics or sample essays there. 

Take your time to conduct research

Once the perfect topic is formulated, it’s time to start researching it. We do not limit you in your use of sources: you can use scientific magazines, works of famous researchers, Australia statistic data, and online ecology platforms. Documentaries are also a good reference for your writing. The only thing that we advise you to refrain from is using papers of your fellows even if you do not copy them. All of the essays submitted for participation in our 

conference are checked for plagiarism and if any is detected, the paper authors will be banned from visiting our event.

As for a research tip, we advise you to take notes every time you find appropriate facts or impressive figures related to the problem you discuss. Do not hope to remember everything that you read: that is neither possible nor needed. Make notes, draw mind maps and sketches to remember the information, and be able to find it quickly once you start writing. If you have trouble finding enough sources for your paper, feel free to contact your university writing services.

Adhere to the paper guidelines

After you express your desire to participate in our ecology conference, we will email you the instructions for your paper. Your task is to check whether your existing paper follows them or write a new one. To find out our paper instructions, contact us via email and we will get back to you soon.

As for the ecology paper guidelines in general, remember that you need to follow the number sources, word count, and other details strictly. Although your teacher might allow you to deviate from that numbers slightly, we do not advise you to do that to not lose points. 

Structure your writing in advance

Before you get down to writing, you need to outline your major thoughts and ideas, as well as a thesis statement, coherently and shape them into the essay structure that meets the paper instructions. Besides that, adding a few quotes and names with the page number and sources’ names would be a good idea. Thus, you will not need to look for a certain quotation or specific information while writing and waste your time on additional work. Below, you will see how to make your essay parts powerful 

Make your introduction strong

Once your paper outline is ready, you can start writing your first draft. If you took your time to make necessary notes in advance, you would not have any trouble writing your paper without academic essays help. On the contrary, if you did not manage to do any preliminary research on the topic and save its results, there is the need to consult a professional essay writer or a college essay writing service. They will offer you either assistance on some essay parts or prepare an essay for you entirely. 

To start your ecology essay, we recommend using a quote, an eye-catching fact, or figure representing your topic well. Since your task is to draw the audience’s attention, make sure you use a powerful statement or claim in an introduction. Still, remember that the first lines should not outbeat your thesis statement that you add at the end of this essay part. 

Be coherent in the body paragraphs

After the strong introductory part, you have to write persuasive body paragraphs. Choosing the right arguments to support your position is crucial for ecology essay success. Depending on your essay topic, you can discuss the group of ecological problems here, or concentrate on a single problem. Either way, you should provide solid analysis here, leaving some space for cause and effect, comparison, etc.

Keep in mind the general rule that one paragraph contains only one major idea, and its explanation and supporting information. Do not mess all your thoughts and statements into one paragraph if you do not want your audience to lose your essay sense. Your flight of fantasy should not confuse your readers and make them read your paper all over again to understand it. 

Conclude it right

The finishing part of your essay is the last thing that your audience is reading so it is the last chance to persuade them of your research importance. Hence, do not expect to write it at the last minute. A strong conclusion requires almost the same amount of time as a strong introduction so manage your time with that in mind. Once you finish writing, do not forget to check whether your conclusion repeats your introduction: if it does, restate it in other words. 

Do not be afraid to edit 

After you prepared your first draft, you may feel like you are done and there is nothing you can do with your paper. It is a wrong perception since pro essay writers have a few more things to do with their texts at this stage. Now, it is time to rest the way you prefer and then get back to the text to proofread it and edit parts that do not sound well. Once you are done with editing, check your paper for overall coherence once again and go on to the next step, plagiarism checking. 

Avoid copy-pasting information

When writing a degree thesis, a conference paper, or a regular school essay, you should always check your text for authenticity. Failure to do that may end up in college expulsion or ban from participation in the conference or other scientifical event. Consequently, downloading a simple authenticity checker from a write my research paper for me website can be a quite wise thing to do.

Check the formatting before the paper submission

Finally, before you submit your paper to us, please review the initial instructions covering paper formatting. Make sure your paper is typed in the required size and font, has its sources sorted in a certain way, etc. Unfortunately, we will not be able to approve your participation request if your paper does not meet our requirements.

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